Minimalist parenting: How to travel with a newborn without needing a truck

Minimalist feeding: Breastfeeding

Zoe and I both feeding simultaneously in Japan
  • Reusable breast pads can save a lot of suitcase real estate, and they’re very easy to hand wash in the sink.
  • I used a nursing pillow in the beginning, but once we both got the hang of breastfeeding, I weaned myself off it. There are women who can’t leave the house because they’ve become so dependent on their nursing pillow. Treat it like training wheels, not like a life raft.

Minimalist sleeping: Bedsharing

Sleeping with your baby is one of the best experiences of parenthood

Minimalist diaper changing: Chux pads

Minimalist transportation: Doona and Baby K’Tan

The Doona was a lifesaver in Japan. Also, this handbag is our only “diaper bag”.
Zoe sleeping in her Baby K’tan while I work on the plane

Minimalist bathing: In an adult bathtub with a parent

1 month old Zoe relaxing in the bathtub with mom

Minimalist tummy time: On the bed or on you

Zoe at 4 weeks old, doing tummy time on Chris on the bed. Behind her, a Chux pad, used as a diaper changing mat.

Minimalist diaper bag: A big handbag

Minimalist pumping: Haakaa silicone pump

So what do we carry then?

  • Enough diapers & wipes for about a week
  • 4–5 Chux pads (for a month-long trip)
  • Liquid coconut oil (MCT oil) for diaper rash and many other uses
  • Pacifiers & pacifier clips (until 3 months, she now hates them, but every baby is different)
  • Clothes, pajamas, socks
  • Drool bibs (after 2.5 months)
  • Gas drops & 2-3 Windis (until ~3 months, gas tends to get better after that)
  • Infant Tylenol & thermometer (just in case, never needed it so far)
  • Owlet smart sock monitor
  • Bath supplies: small plastic bowl, baby wash, baby comb, lavender essential oil (for relaxation, not necessary but we like it and it’s small!)
  • Nursing & expressing supplies: Haakaa, small bottle, reusable breast pads
  • Electric nail file for babies (Using nail clippers on a baby is SCARY!)




Web standards (WCSS WG, W3C TAG), Usability research (MIT CSAIL), Open source. I ❤ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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Lea Verou

Lea Verou

Web standards (WCSS WG, W3C TAG), Usability research (MIT CSAIL), Open source. I ❤ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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